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Building a strong brand image takes a lot of time, effort and dedication. I totally get it! There’s no such thing as overnight success, it’s extremely hard to establish a profitable business, and keep a positive business reputation. Being fully aware of those aspects is essential for a successful partnership between a brand and content creator. I choose my business partners wisely, always put quality first, and believe that our collaboration will elevate your brand awareness and authenticity. Let’s create something special together!


A marketing campaign will be mutually beneficial only if there’s a perfect match between a brand and content creator. This is why I value long-term partnerships with brands whose message is in line with my own personal brand. Long-lasting, well-tailored collaboration will bring better results for both of us. What sets me apart from other creators is my sense of professionalism, high responsiveness, as well as strong attention to details. Want to learn more about me, and what I can bring to your project? Let’s get in touch!


  • Sponsored posts on my blog and social media
  • Creating content for your social media
  • Reviews of places, services, products
  • Hosting meetings and workshops
  • Speaking at blogging events



My travel blog was launched in March 2020 as a result of my passion for travelling, and it has become my main focus ever since. You can find here heaps of useful travel tips, ready-to-use itineraries and my personal insights what is worth seeing and why. I write my blog in two languages, Polish and English, and publish posts regularly. It means that I often write on the go or shortly after my return. So far, I have created over 100 bilingual posts about my travels & hikes, which gives a total number of 200 posts released.

Locations: Australia (43%), Poland (34%), other countries (23%)
Age: 25 – 34 (27%), 35 – 44 (24%), 45 – 54 (17%)
Gender: females (54%), males (46%)

INSTAGRAM (65 000+)

I started my Instagram back in September 2019, and it quickly became my favourite platform to connect with my audience and engage with other travel bloggers. I stay pretty active on Instagram, and share travel-related content on a regular basis. This includes daily stories from my travels & hikes (always bilingual), as well as photos and videos. So far, I have built a strong, engaged community of over 65 000 people who follow my adventures. We often have meaningful conversations and discuss topics not related to travelling.

Locations: Poland (80%), Australia (10%), other countries (10%)
Age: 18 – 24 (18%), 25 – 34 (40%), 35 – 44 (28%)
Gender: females (56%), males (44%)

TIK TOK (60 000+)

I do think that Tik Tok is undervalued by many content creators, especially those from travel industry. You don’t need to dance or become a comic to perform well on Tik Tok. My following has reached over 60 000 people, some of my videos hit over 3 million views, and I haven’t done a single dance. I stay true to myself, and post footage from my hikes & travels, focusing on tips & tricks for those less experienced. I have been posting regularly on Tik Tok for some time now, and will definitely keep working on growing this platform.

Locations: Poland (82%), Australia (14%), other countries (4%)
Age18 – 24 (40%), 25 – 34 (34%), 35 – 44 (18%)
Gender: females (50%), males (50%)

FACEBOOK (2 500+)

I created my Facebook profile in July 2020, which is 10 months after I started my Instagram. The type of content I share on both platforms is quite similar. My Facebook community also gets to see my daily stories (always bilingual), as well as photos and videos. Nevertheless, Facebook gives an opportunity to reach out to a different audience, which is extremely beneficial, and increases the overall performance. Sharing posts from my Facebook page to travel-related groups made some of them reach a number of 150 000 people.

Locations: Australia (51%), Poland (30%), other countries (19%)
Age: 25 – 34 (38%), 35 – 44 (35%), 45 – 54 (20%)
Gender: females (54%), males (46%)