Western Arthurs Traverse gear list


It’s always about finding balance between keeping your pack weight low, and having all necessary gear with you. Honestly speaking, I think I did a great job packing for the Western Arthurs Traverse. In fact, I wouldn’t really change much if I had an opportunity to do so. I wasn’t lacking any gear, and most of the things I brought on this hike were used at least once. Except the first aid kit, but this is something I’m actually happy about. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you my Western Arthurs Traverse gear list. Let’s get started!


This section includes a list of products I took on the Western Arthurs Traverse to secure meals for 8 days. It’s worth mentioning that I only did the section from Alpha Moraine to Kappa Moraine, and planned it for 7 days. Why did I bring more food then? The Arthur Range is well-known for unpredictable weather, and it’s not recommended to continue past Lake Oberon if conditions aren’t at least decent. Having said that, I was prepared to stay one extra day in a tent in case the weather turns awful. Water refill is possible on the track.

8 protein barsfor breakfast
8 John West tuna bowlsfor lunch
7 Back Country Cuisine dehydrated mealsfor dinner
4 bars of chocolatenever too much chocolate
2 packs of Tim Tamsa must for me
1 bag of nutsnone
8 instant coffee sachetsmorning drink
7 tea bagsevening drink
20 effervescent multivitamin tabletsenergy boost
2 plastic water bottleseach bottle of 1,5L


The Western Arthurs Traverse is a serious undertaking with more than 7500 metres of ascents and descents along the way. This is the primary reason why you really want to keep your pack weight low. A lighter backpack will contribute to a more enjoyable walk, and less pack hauling. You may consider investing in some ultralight gear before you go. That will help you to drop your pack weight without compromising safety. Please note that a 3 season tent, and –5°C rated sleeping bag in a minimum for the WAT in summer.

1 hiking backpackcapacity of 70L
1 Kathmandu Lansan ultralight tent1,72kg fully pitched
1 Kathmandu Ikarus sleeping bag1,27kg pack weight
1 Mountain Design sleeping mat0,8kg pack weight
30 metres of climbing rope (6 mm)for pack hauling
1 Garmin inReach Mini 2in case of emergency
1 Western Arthur paper mapscale 1:50 000
1 hootchie (tarp)emergency shelter
1 hiking headlampnone
1 camping cookerincludes 1L pot
1 gas bottle460g cartridge
2 lighters1 as a back-up
1 metal cupnone
1 cutlery seta knife, fork, and spoon
25 Micropur Forte tabletsfor water treatment
5 rubbish bagsleave no trace


Another battle between being prepared for every season, not taking too much, and feeling comfortable at the same time. Except the obvious stuff, such as sturdy shoes, and a waterproof jacket, the rest is a matter of your choice. I usually go hiking in a pair of leggings, and a long sleeve to prevent sunburn. Some people would probably get cooked wearing that. It’s worth mentioning that I didn’t take enough clothes to get changed every. That’s the compromise I made to lower the pack weight for the Western Arthurs Traverse.

1 Kathmandu rainproof jacketwith gore-tex
1 pair of Hi-Tec hiking shoesmade of leather
2 pairs of leggings1 pair as a back-up
4 long sleeveschanged every second day
1 warm hoodienone
1 warm beanienone
3 sets of underwearpanties and socks
1 pair of flip flopsfor the evening


I would definitely recommend to take some basic toiletries, and a standard first aid kit on the Western Arthurs Traverse. A short swim in a lake or a quick rinse in a creek is possible at each campsite, except High Moor. You are more than welcome to have a longer wash, but don’t expect the water to be too warm up there. Facilities at the campsites are limited to bush toilets only. Toilet paper is not provided, so don’t forget to pack it. No bins are available at the campsites. Make sure to take all rubbish, and leftover food with you.

2 rolls of toilet papertake more than you think you need
1 sunscreen lotiontravel toiletries
1 sunscreen lip balmtravel toiletries
1 eco-friendly soaptravel toiletries
1 pack of wet wipestravel toiletries
1 tooth pastetravel toiletries
1 tooth brushnone
1 small combnone
1 small towelnone
20 tablets of Panadolpainkiller
1 Voltaren ointmentpainkiller
2 elastic bandagesin case of injury
20 waterproof plastersin case of injury


If you are not a travel blogger, you can probably skip this part. As I create content on a daily basis, I bring more electronic gear on the hikes than most people do. Please note that using drones is not permitted in the national parks in Tasmania unless you have written permission from the Parks and Wildlife Service. Nevertheless, I found a way to get amazing action shots, and don’t breach this regulation. I took a 360 camera on the Western Arthurs Traverse, and I’m quite happy with the results. All items are listed below.

1 Samsung S20+main phone
1 Samsung S10+back-up phone
1 Insta360 ONE x2360 camera
1 gorilla tripodnone
3 power banksnone
4 charging cordsnone


Few more words to conclude. Firstly, no item mentioned in this blog post is sponsored. I’m not a professional hiker, there are for sure lighter, and better items available, but I use stuff that works well for me. Secondly, another way to decrease your base weight is to share some gear with your hiking partner. In my case that was a camping cooker, gas bottle, rope, satellite communicator, paper map, and hootchie. Lastly, after thoughtful consideration, I would probably add a set of comfy clothes to get changed for the night, and a small day pack for side tips. That’s all I have to say about my Western Arthurs Traverse gear list.

This is my full Western Arthurs Traverse gear list. When are you planning to do this hike? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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