Wave Rock in Western Australia


Wave Rock in Western Australia is a granite cliff that looks like a giant surf wave. This spectacular attraction is located over 300 km from Perth, and almost 400 km from Esperance. Surprisingly, many people skip it while travelling in Western Australia. Are you wondering why? Well… it’s in the middle of nowhere, and most travellers need to do some extra kilometres to get there, especially if driving along the coast. Is Wave Rock worth a trip? Should you give it a go even if it’s not really on your way? I’m answering this question below.


Wave Rock in Western Australia, a massive cliff, is 15 m high and 110 m long. Its curved shape has been caused by weathering and water erosion, which also contributed to the colours of the rock that you can see today. The rock has been literally swept into the deep grey and sandy-striped formation. With that being said, you can imagine that it must have been a very long process. In 1960, crystals from Wave Rock were analysed and dated as being 2,7 billion years old, amongst the oldest in Australia. Quite impressive, right?

Wave Rock in Western Australia
Wave Rock


Wave Rock is not the only one tourist attraction in Hyden. First of all, take your time to stroll around Wave Rock, walk from one end to another, and even climb to the top of it. Second of all, make sure to see Hippo’s Yawn, another interesting rock formation, resembling a yawning hippo. It’s not too far from Wave Rock. You shouldn’t have any issues with finding it, just follow the signs. If you are keen for a longer walk, take a 3,6 km trail that goes to Mulka’s Cave and Lake Magic. The entry fee to Wave Rock is AUD 12 for an adult.

Hippo’s Yawn in Western Australia
Hippo’s Yawn


Is Wave Rock worth the trip? Is it worth driving there if it’s not really on your way? The answer is yes! Wave Rock remains a world-class natural phenomenon, and one of the best places to visit in Western Australia. On top of that, it looks absolutely amazing in reality. You can’t get back home without some cool photos of yourself, surfing on Wave Rock, on an imaginary board. This is a must-take pic, and you can’t get away from it. Of course, I did it myself. The photo is ridiculous, and it will never be published on this blog.

Wave Rock in Western Australia
Wave Rock

I think Wave Rock is worth the trip. Have you been there before? What are your thoughts? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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