Visit WWII bunkers in Czech Republic


How about learning some history through visiting WWII bunkers that constituted the strongest Czechoslovakian fortifications? The Kraliky Fortified Sector was built as a defensive countermeasure against the rising threat of Nazi Germany between 1936 and 1938. This military line of light, and heavy fortifications is located around Kraliky, a small town not too far from the Polish border. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you all you need to know before visiting the WWII bunkers in the Czech Republic. Here we go!


The Kraliky Fortified Sector was constructed between 1936 and 1938 to prevent key areas from being taken over by a sudden enemy attack before the Czechoslovak Army could mobilize. The former military line included three types of buildings. Pillboxes (light fortifications for troops of soldiers, a type of blockhouse equipped with loopholes through which defenders could fire weapons), infantry cabins (heavy fortifications for dozens of soldiers), and massive artillery fortresses (the largest fortifications for hundreds of soldiers).


The Kraliky Pillbox is located nearby the Military Museum Kraliky, and can be visited with a guide only. An entry fee for an adult is no more than 100 Kč, and you can buy a ticket upon arrival. During the short, 20-minute tour, you will get to see the bunker from inside, learn about the purpose of each room, and understand some nuances of its construction. Even though the guide didn’t speak any Polish or English, I enjoyed the tour big time. It’s definitely one of my favourite WWII bunkers I got to see in the Czech Republic.

Coordinates: 3QV6+XW Králíky, Czechia

Visit WWII bunkers in Czech Republic
Visit WWII bunkers in Czech Republic
Kraliky Pillbox


K-S 14 „U Cihelny” is an infantry cabin located close to the Kraliky Pillbox, so feel free to visit both in one go. An entry fee for this one is 140 Kč for an adult, and a guided tour is a must if you want to get inside. They run a couple of tours a day, so make sure to check the times beforehand. The interior is a little different in this case. It’s more like a typical museum with numerous exhibitions including, but not limited to, displays about the Czechoslovak Army, military fortifications, and finance guard. Such an amazing history lesson!

Coordinates: 3QW4+83 Králíky, Czechia

Visit WWII bunkers in Czech Republic
Visit WWII bunkers in Czech Republic
K-S 14 „U Cihelny”


This is one of many pillboxes built around Kraliky in continuous lines. Some of these light fortifications are closed, and have steel bars in the door. Some of them remain open, so you can get inside. On your own responsibility of course! Pillbox no. 216 is right after Sky Bridge 721, on the other side of the hill. It’s a well-preserved bunker, but you can’t enter it. If you’re keen to get inside a similar object, take a torch, and head north through the forest. There’s an abandoned bunker with no bars in the door. Good luck on your hunt!

Coordinates: 4RWR+RRG Dolní Morava, Czechia

Pillbox in Dolni Morava in Czech Republic
Pillbox in Dolni Morava in Czech Republic
Pillbox no. 216

PILLBOX NO. 30 & 31

Not sure if you are going to find the abandoned pillbox mentioned in the previous section? Don’t worry too much if you don’t. There are two more, and much easier to find. Pull over on the side of the road 312, and have a look around. Can you see two huge concrete blocks covered with trees? This is exactly what you are looking for. Pillbox no. 30 & 31, the abandoned bunkers with no bars in the door. Have you ever wondered why pillboxes form a straight line? They were meant to complement each other with weapons firepower.

Coordinates: 3QVC+FR9 Králíky, Czechia

Visit WWII bunkers in Czech Republic
Visit WWII bunkers in Czech Republic
Pillbox no. 30 & 31


The largest fortifications in the entire region are just around the corner. If you follow my coordinates, you will get to a point where you can’t drive any further. The barrier is your sign to get out of the car. Keep walking straight ahead. The first building on your way is the artillery fortification K-S 11 „Na svahu”. The next one is the block K-S 12 „Na kote”, followed by two infantry blocks: K-S 13 „U lomu”, and K-S 10 „U Bozi muky”. All these buildings belong to the artillery fortification HURKA. Entry is possible with a guide only.

Coordinates: 3QV9+W95 Králíky, Czechia

Artillery fortification Hurka
Artillery fortification Hurka
Artillery fortification HURKA

These are the WWII bunkers I visited in the Czech Republic. Which one are you going to see first? The Kraliky Pillbox or the artillery fortification HURKA? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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