Phillip Island


Phillip Island is located 140 kilometres from Melbourne. It’s a perfect destination for a weekend trip. Have you been wondering what are the top things to do on Phillip Island and how to get there? Is Phillip Island really worth spending there two days? It doesn’t matter if you live in Melbourne or travel across Australia and you decided to drop by. Phillip Island offers a lot, so I’m pretty sure you won’t regret spending there two days. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you top things to do on Phillip Island.


This is definitely the top thing to do on Phillip Island. Cape Woolamai offers a few walking tracks with spectacular coastal views. Below you can find three alternative walking tracks of different length. All of them are relatively easy. Regardless of your choice, you can’t miss the viewpoint called The Pinnacles. It’s absolutely stunning.

Cape Woolamai – map
Cape Woolamai – map

Woolamai Beach Parking – Magiclands Steps – The Pinnacles – Beacon – Old Granite Quarry – Cleeland Bright

I do encourage you to choose the longest track. It leads along the seaside and across the central part of the cape. I have spotted here the first kangaroo (Wallaby) and echidna in my life. There is only one catch… You need to keep quiet to have a chance to see them!

Walking track: around 8 km, 3 – 4 hours

Cape Woolamai is the top thing to do on Phillip Island
Cape Woolamai

Woolamai Beach Parking – Magiclands Steps – The Pinnacles – Beacon – Magiclands Steps – Woolamai Beach Parking

If you are not keen to take the longest track, you can choose this one which is a bit shorter.

Walking track: around 6 km, 2 – 3 hours

The Pinnacles is the top thing to do on Phillip Island
The Pinnacles is the top thing to do on Phillip Island
The Pinnacles

Woolamai Beach Parking – Magiclands Steps – The Pinnacles Magiclands Steps – Woolamai Beach Parking

This walking track is the shortest. Even if you choose this one, you will not miss the most spectacular spot, The Pinnacles.

Walking track: around 4 km, 1 – 2 hours

Cape Woolamai is the top thing to do on Phillip Island
Cape Woolamai is the top thing to do on Phillip Island
Woolamai Beach

Make sure you won’t skip this one either. The Nobbies Boardwalk is definitely one of the top things to do on Phillip Island. Walk along the Nobbies Boardwalk and enjoy the mind-blowing views along the Phillip Island coast. At the end of the boardwalk, there is a spectacular blowhole, a sea cave that thunders during big southern swells.

The Nobbies Boardwalk
The Nobbies Blowhole
The Nobbies Boardwalk


Nearby the Nobbies Boardwalk, there is a place where you can watch the Penguin Parade. These little creatures spend the majority of their time in the ocean looking for food. The only time penguins leave the ocean and approach the land is at night. Every day, at sunset, a hundred of penguins venture to land returning to their nests to rest.

It’s not hard to find this place. Just follow the signs that you will see going back from the Nobbies Boardwalk. Make sure that you will get there soon enough to buy a ticket and get seated. Penguins start showing up with small groups at sunset. The entire parade may last even a few hours. Don’t forget to have something warm to wear. It can get very cold on the beach at night.

Penguin parade offers different viewing options for you to choose. The general viewing ticket costs 26,60 AUD (adult person). This includes the standard stadium, seating first in first served. You can also try out the upgrade which is called Penguin Plus. This viewing platform lets you get closer to the penguins’ path. I decided to try the general viewing and I don’t regret. I visited Phillip Island at the end of February. At that time, there weren’t many people, so I got seated with no issues.

If you wonder why I didn’t post any photos from penguin parade, the answer is as follows. It’s strictly prohibited to use phones and cameras during this exceptional experience. This type of light is harmful for penguins. Please follow the instructions given by the staff and don’t photograph or record the penguins. The animals welfare should not be affected by our presence.


Koala Conservation Centre is a place where you can watch koalas in their natural habitat. There are two tree boardwalks for up-close koala viewing, one is 600 metres long, and the second is 800 metres long. These are very helpful to get closer to koalas which usually sleep high up on the trees.

If you spot the koala, please remember to behave properly. Koalas don’t like to be touched. If they sleep, be quiet and don’t even think about waking them up. Besides the above-mentioned boardwalks, you can also explore here six hectares of bushland. If you are lucky enough, you will spot kangaroos (Wallabies), echidnas and colourful birds.

You can also learn more about the koalas lives with the interactive displays in the centre just behind the ticket office. The ticket to Koala Conservation Centre costs 13,20 AUD (adult person). There is also a very interesting shop with souvenirs.

Koala Conservation Centre: shop with souvenirs
Koala Conservation Centre


Are there any other top things to do on Phillip Island? Of course! Once you have finished exploring the island, why don’t you chill out on the beach? These are my suggestions: Smiths Beach, Surf Beach, Summerland Beach, Cowes Beach. If you are looking for a sandy beach with restaurants, bars and coffees nearby, check out Cowes Beach.

Smiths Beach
Smiths Beach
Smiths Beach

What are the top things to do on Phillip Island in your opinion? Is there any place that caught your attention? Let me know by leaving a comment below!