Owl Mountains walking trails


The Owl Mountains are a mountain range of the Central Sudetes located in southwestern Poland. It’s a beautiful region with a fascinating history, truly an enigma for historians and treasure hunters. Apart from a fair number of walking trails and viewpoints, there are many historical sites such as WWII fortifications, military forts & fortresses, as well as ruined castles. If you want to learn more about the top tourist attractions in the Owl Mountains, go to a separate post. For more details about walking trails, stay here.


Wielka Sowa at 1015 m is the highest peak of the Owl Mountains. Good news is that you can call it the Great Owl in English. There are a couple of walking trails going up the peak, and they are all pretty short, so it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. The red trail from Przełęcz Sokola is the shortest. It has 2,8 km one way and takes an hour. The blue trail from Przełęcz Walimska is slightly longer – 3,3 km one way (1 hour and 15 minutes). Lastly, the red trail from Przełęcz Jugowska is 4,4 km one way (1 hour and 30 minutes).

I chose the red trail from Przełęcz Sokola, mainly because it goes through two mountain huts. Not sure if you know this already, but mountain huts in Poland are one of a kind, and it’s always good to visit them. So if you follow my steps, you will first reach the hut called “Orzeł”. They serve food, drinks, and have a beautiful mountain view. The second hut is called “Sowa”, and it’s currently closed, same as the lookout tower at the top of Wielka Sowa. The tower is being renovated, and it’s scheduled to re-open in mid 2023.

Przełęcz Sokola – Mountain Hut “Orzeł” – Mountain Hut “Sowa” – Wielka Sowa (1015 m) – Mountain Hut “Sowa”Mountain Hut “Orzeł” – Przełęcz Sokola

Walking track: 5,6 km, 2 hours (return)
Elevation gain: 343 m
Trail difficulty: easy
Carpark: MF77+GG Walim, Poland

Mountain hut Orzeł in the Owl Mountains
Walking trail to Wielka Sowa in the Owl Mountains
Wielka Sowa (1015 m)


Kalenica at 964 m is the third-highest peak of the Owl Mountains. Most people choose the red trail from Przełęcz Jugowska to get there. It’s only 3,2 km one way, and one hour of walking. If you want to do a longer hike, start from Przełęcz Woliborska. The red trail from there is 4,5 km one way, and it takes around two hours. Bad news is that the observation tower at Kalenica is closed, so you won’t get any views from there. Re-opening was planned for 2022, but it seems like the renovation will take a little longer (till mid-2023).

Is it worth going up Kalenica if no views are guaranteed? I’m saying yes to this! Wondering why? Well… the answer is simple. If you start your hike from Przełęcz Jugowska, you will walk through the most beautiful mountain hut in the Owl Mountain. “Zygmuntówka” is a very special place with hand-crafted decorations, delicious food, and great service. I highly recommend coming there, even if you don’t want to go up Kalenica, but if you do, make sure to jump on a swing hanging on the tree a few steps before the summit.

Przełęcz Jugowska – Mountain Hut “Zygmuntówka” – Kalenica (964 m) – Mountain Hut “Zygmuntówka” – Przełęcz Jugowska

Walking track: 6,4 km, 2 hours (return)
Elevation gain: 287 m
Trail difficulty: easy
Carpark: MG4G+MH Pieszyce, Poland

Mountain hut Zygmuntówka in the Owl Mountains
Walking trail to Kalenica in the Owl Mountains
Kalenica (964 m)


Let me show you another cool place in the Owl Mountains. Smocza Jama is a giant cave, and most likely an old entrance to a serpentinite mine. The walking track is short and easy. It starts in a place called Kamionki pod Smoczą Jamą (415 m) on “Kamionki” Street, between the house number 16 and 18. Alternatively, you can use the following coordinates: 50.679676, 16.543702, and copy them into google maps to find the trailhead. Once you get there, follow the red trail up to the cave at 480 m. There is no parking next to the trailhead, so make sure to leave your car somewhere else. A safe spot is just 300 m further away. Good luck!

Kamionki pod Smoczą Jamą – Smocza Jama (480 m) – Kamionki pod Smoczą Jamą

Walking track: 0,5 km, 20 minutes (return)
Elevation gain: 62 m
Trail difficulty: easy
Carpark: MGJR+FP Pieszyce, Poland

Smocza Jama in the Owl Mountains
Smocza Jama in the Owl Mountains
Smocza Jama (480 m)

These are the best walking trails in the Owl Mountains. Are you going to hike Wielka Sowa or Kalenica? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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