Lesueur National Park


Lesueur National Park is one of the most underrated travel destinations in Western Australia. I had literally no expectations before coming here. And guess what? This place pretty much blew my mind. What’s so special about it? Lesueur National Park is barely touched, unspoiled, and absolutely charming. Bonus point. Most likely you will be there completely alone, soaking up the beautiful views and enjoying the silence. How about spending some time just with yourself in the nature? Lesueur National Park seems perfect for that.


Lesueur National Park is located almost 250 km north of Perth in Western Australia, and ranks high on my list of top things to do in Jurien Bay. You are more than welcome to come here hiking all year round. However, it’s well-worth planning a visit in spring during the wildflower season when the region blooms to life with dashes of colours. A day entry fee to the national park is AUD 15 for a vehicle. When it comes to accommodation, check out the options in Jurien Bay. There are B&B, caravan parks, and campgrounds too.


Extremely underrated, and immensely beautiful. This is Lesueur National Park in a nutshell. It’s also a biodiversity hotspot, home to over 900 plant species native to this region, and one of the most important reserves for flora conservation in Western Australia. Honestly speaking, no one has ever told me that this location is worth a visit. So how did I end up hiking here? I just enjoy going a little bit off the beaten track. Make sure to do the same. All park roads are suitable for 2WD cars, however, some of them are unsealed.

Lesueur National Park map
Lesueur National Park – map


This is my favourite hike in Lesueur National Park. Yued Ponar Trail is a 6 km loop that starts at Cockleshell Gully, and climbs steadily to Peron Summit. It then traverses to Cairn Lookout, and goes back to Cockleshell Gully. Amazing views guaranteed! Fun fact is that I didn’t even plan visiting Lesueur National Park in the first place. Mainly because it’s not a popular travel destination. But since I enjoy exploring unusual places in Western Australia, and forming my own opinion about them, I decided to give it a go. Now I’m glad I did.

Cockleshell Gully – Peron Summit – Cairn Lookout – Cockleshell Gully

Walking track: 6 km, 3 hours (loop)
Trail difficulty: class 4
Trail access: 2WD (partly unsealed road)

Yued Ponar Trail in Lesueur National Park
Yued Ponar Trail in Lesueur National Park
Yued Ponar Trail


Lesueur Trail has 4 km both ways, but it also connects with Botanical Path and Gardner Trail, which adds up to 6 km in total. How about spending some alone time in nature? If you feel like you need a break, want to hide from the world, and contemplate away from civilisation, this may be a perfect place for you. Beautiful scenery, a little bit of hiking, and silence. Sounds good, right? Not too many people visit this place. This is why I love Lesueur National Park so much. It always helps me finding my peace of mind, and inner calm.

Drummonds – Ian Wilson Lookout – Wandoo Lookout – Mount Lesueur – Wandoo Lookout – Ian Wilson Lookout – Drummonds

Walking track: 6 km, 2 hours (loop)
Trail difficultyclass 3
Trail access: 2WD (partly unsealed road)

Lesueur National Park
Lesueur National Park
Lesueur Trail


This one is for real hiking enthusiasts! Yonga Trail is a newly opened 26 km loop that starts in the exact same place as Lesueur Trail. The hike can be surely completed in one day, but you can also do it in two days. If you are keen to spend the night surrounded by nature, pack your tent, and book your stay at Yonga campground. This camping spot is pretty epic. Especially, the shelter facing a valley from where you can watch the sunset before going to sleep. The campground also has a toilet, and rainwater tank (the water must be boiled or treated before consumption). The camping fee is AUD 8 per night for an adult. Enjoy!

Drummonds – Ian Wilson Lookout – Wandoo Lookout – Yonga Campground – Drummonds

Walking track: 26 km, 8 hours (loop)
Trail difficultyclass 4
Trail access: 2WD (partly unsealed road)

Yonga Trail in Lesueur National Park in Western Australia
Yonga Trail in Lesueur National Park in Western Australia
Yonga Trail

This is all you need to know about Lesueur National Park. Are you going to hike Yued Ponar Trail or Lesueur Trail? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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