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Some time ago I found myself being more interested in hiking, and long-distance trekking than regular travelling. That’s why I put together my very own hiking bucket list. As of today, it’s a list of 30 epic treks, and I’m going to keep it open. Just in case I come up with some new ideas. I’m not sure if I stay determined, strong, and healthy enough to do all those hikes, but I would really like to. If that’s not the case, I will probably move to plan B, which is ticking places off my travel bucket list. This one is definitely more cruisy.


  1. Orla Perć (4,3 km), Poland ✅
  2. Mount Gerlach (2655 m), Slovakia
  3. Larapinta Trail (223 km), Australia
  4. Tour du Mont Blanc (170 km), the Alps
  5. Te Araroa (3000 km), New Zealand
  6. South Coast Track (85 km), Tasmania
  7. Great Ocean Walk (110 km), Australia
  8. Eastern Arthurs Traverse (40 km), Tasmania
  9. Kokoda Track (96 km), Papua New Guinea
  10. Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne (800 km), the Pyrenees
  11. Matterhorn Trek (145 km), Switzerland, Italy
  12. Dinarica White Trail (1260 km), the Balkans
  13. Milford Track (54 km), Nowa Zealand
  14. Premužić Trail (57 km), Croatia
  15. Mount Kilimanjaro (5895 m), Tanzania
  16. Mount Triglav (2864 m), Slovenia
  17. GR20 (180 km), Corsica
  18. Alta Via Uno (120 km), Italy
  19. Everest Base Camp (130 km), Nepal
  20. Banff Highline Traverse (103 km), Canada
  21. Signora delle Acque (via ferrata), Italy
  22. Routeburn Track (32 km), Nowa Zealand
  23. Cala del Molí (via ferrata), Spain
  24. The Torres del Paine (130 km), Chile
  25. Kesugi Ridge Trail (58 km), Alaska
  26. Juliana Trail (267 km), Slovenia
  27. Kom–Emine (650 km), Bulgaria
  28. Eagle Walk (413 km), Austria
  29. Zugspitze (2962 m), Germany
  30. Ararat (5137 m), Turkey
  31. The Loop (250 km), Poland
  32. Watzmann (2713 m), Germany
  33. The Lycian Way (520 km), Turkey
  34. Main Beskid Trail (496 km), Poland
  35. Southern Upland Way (341 km), Scotland
  36. The Peaks of the Balkans (192 km), Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro

This is my hiking bucket list. Is there anything from my list on yours too? Are you looking for a hiking buddy? Hit me up! Who knows, we may end up going on an adventure together.

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