German and Austrian Alps in summer


How about a trip to German and Austrian Alps in summer? This mountainous region has so much to offer. It’s a real paradise for all outdoor enthusiasts. Just imagine. Beautiful, pristine nature, majestic mountains, crystal-clear lakes and silence. What else could you ask for? I enjoyed exploring this region big time. If you wish to spend your holidays far from all that noise, hustle and bustle, this destination may be perfect for you. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you some of the best places to visit in German and Austrian Alps in summer. You will need a car and around a week of time to do this entire trip. So let’s get right into it!


Check out my map with all the places I visited in German and Austrian Alps in summer. As you can see, the majority of them are close to Berchtesgaden National Park. So it’s best to find accommodation somewhere nearby. Unfortunately, hotels and B&B may not be cheap in this area. They are actually quite pricey. I couldn’t afford to stay close to the national park, so I decided to book a room in Inzell, a picturesque town located 40 km from Berchtesgaden. It’s a great alternative, and an excellent base for exploring Bavaria.


My itinerary included six places, two of them located in the Austrian Alps, and others in the German Alps. The Austrian destinations are Mount Schafberg, and Eisriesenwelt Cave. If you decide to book a room somewhere around Berchtesgaden National Park, you will have a bit of a drive to both of them. The attractions in the German Alps are located close to each other, so no issues here. If you want to add more places to this itinerary, make sure to visit Munich and Salzburg. These cities are absolutely worth your time!


The first stop is St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut. A small town situated at Lake Wolfgangsee in Austria. The main attraction there is Schafbergbahn, the steepest cog railway in Austria, running constantly since 1893. It goes up to the top of the 1783 m tall Mount Schafberg. Sounds interesting, right? This ride is truly unforgettable! If you don’t feel like it, you can do a day hike to Mount Schafberg instead. For more detailed information about Schafbergbahn, go and check a separate blog post about Mount Schafberg in Austria.

Mount Schafberg in Alps in summer
Mount Schafberg (1783 m)


The next stop is Lake Königssee in the south of Germany, located within Berchtesgaden National Park, near the Austrian border. It’s definitely the most famous spot in this region, and there’s a reason for that. Lake Königssee is simply stunning! Surrounded by high cliffs and wild torrents, it remains the cleanest lake in the entire country. The best part is you can experience its beauty up close by hopping on an electric boat. For more details about Lake Königssee, go to a separate blog post about outdoor activities in Bavaria.

Lake Königssee in Alps in summer
Lake Königssee


A day hike in German and Austrian Alps in summer is a must! Fortunately enough, Berchtesgaden National Park has numerous walking tracks and steep mountain trails. From easy to challenging hikes, including a “via ferrata”. I highly recommend choosing Mount Jenner (1874 m). It’s a moderate hike, offering gorgeous views from the top. That includes Lake Königssee nestled at the foot of the mountain. For more details about the walking track to Mount Jenner, go to a separate post about outdoor activities in Bavaria.

Mount Jenner in German Alps in summer
Mount Jenner (1874 m)


What else is worth doing in German and Austrian Alps in summer? Don’t miss the chance to see one of the most beautiful gorges in Bavaria. Almbachklamm gorge is located in Marktschellenberg. The walking track has 3 km one way, and goes up through the deeply cut gorge, along the Almbach River, next to thundering waterfalls and crystal-clear pools. There are bridges and overpasses too. In other words, lots of fun! For more detailes about Almbachklamm gorge, go to a separate post about outdoor activities in Bavaria.

Almbachklamm Gorge in German Alps in summer
Almbachklamm Gorge


The next stop is Kehlsteinhaus, a former property of Adolf Hitler, also known as the Eagle’s Nest. It’s located on the edge of Kehlstein at 1834 m. This place was mostly used by Nazi for government and social meetings. Currently, Kehlsteinhaus serves as a mountain restaurant and historical information centre. It also provides visitors with a breathtaking panoramic view. You can’t miss it! Find out more about Kehlsteinhaus and learn how to get there in a separate post about outdoor activities in Bavaria.

Kehlsteinhaus in German Alps in summer
Kehlsteinhaus (1834 m)


This is the last stop. Werfen, a small cosy town in Austria with the world’s largest ice cave! Eisriesenwelt has over 40 km of ice corridors, the entrance is situated on a steep cliff at 1641 m, and there is no electric lighting inside. What’s more, the temperature in the cave never exceeds 0°C, even in summer. So how do you get to the cave, given it’s located so high? There are two options. Hiking or a cable car ride. For more details about this attraction, go and check a separate blog post about Eisriesenwelt Cave in Austria. Enjoy!

Eisriesenwelt Cave in Austrian Alps
Eisriesenwelt Cave (1641 m)

These are the best places to visit in German and Austrian Alps in summer. Are you interested in visiting Eisriesenwelt Cave or hiking Mount Jenner? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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