Eisriesenwelt Cave


Eisriesenwelt Cave is located in Werfen, a small cosy town in Austria. This is the world’s largest ice cave that has over 40 km of ice corridors. Not all of them are open for visitors though. The path open for tourists has 1 km, and it will take you up and down numerous steps. The cave is situated on a steep cliff at 1641 metres and electric lighting has not been installed there. This is the reason why the ice figures are illuminated using magnesium, and visitors are provided with hand-held Davy lamps to light up the path. Sounds cool, right? Make sure to check what else is worth doing in German and Austrian Alps in summer.


How to get to the cave located at 1641 metres? There are to options. Hiking or a cable car ride. At 1000 metres, there is a carpark where you can leave your car. Take a 20-minute walk to the cable car station (1080 metres) and prepare for a thrilling ride. You will reach the level of 1575 metres within a couple of minutes. Once you get off, you will then walk for another 20 minutes to get to the cave entrance. At that point, you will be already amazed by the views. Take a while to admire the beauty of this place! If you choose the cable car ride, the entire visit in Eisriesenwelt with cave tour shouldn’t take more than 3 hours.

Eisriesenwelt Cave map
Eisriesenwelt Cave – map


Outdoor enthusiasts can take a hike to the level of 1641 metres. The trail to Eisriesenwelt Cave starts in Werfen, but you can also set off at the carpark at 1000 metres. I chose the cable car ride, so I can’t really share with you my own hiking experience, but the truth is that the walking track is said to be quite difficult, and dedicated for experienced hikers only. According to the guidebook, it takes 2 hours to get from Werfen to the carpark (1000 metres) and another 2 hours to climb up from the carpark to Eisriesenwelt Cave (1641 metres). In such case, it’s most likely that you will spend the entire day here.

Eisriesenwelt Cave
Walking track to Eisriesenwelt Cave


Eisriesenwelt Cave operates from May to October. Make sure to check the current opening hours of the cave, ticket office and the current cable car timetable before arrival. They may vary dependently on the month. The combined ticket for an adult for a cave tour and cable car ride (both ways) is €28,00. Alternatively, you can purchase a ticket for a cave tour or cable car ride only. No reservations are taken. So waiting times can’t be avoided, especially in high season. Eisriesenwelt Cave can be entered with a guide only. The tour lasts around 1 hour. It’s not allowed to take any photographs or record videos inside.

Eisriesenwelt Cave
Walking track to Eisriesenwelt Cave


It’s an ice cave, so don’t expect too high temperature inside. In fact, it’s never more than 0°C, even in summer. A warm jacket, gloves and a beanie are essential. I remember clearly the moment when the guide opened the cave gate. The cold air from the cave met the warm air outside and this caused a very strong, freezing cold wind blow. I have never experienced something like that before! Make sure to have sturdy shoes on. They are recommended as the path in the cave may be slippery and there are many steps to climb. A torch is not necessary. You will be given a hand-held Davy lamp to light up the path in the cave.

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Walking track to Eisriesenwelt Cave

This is all you need to know about Eisriesenwelt Cave in Austria. Are you going to take a cable car ride to the cave? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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